Start competing at the front!

The lowerlaptime leap for intermediates is designed to take you to the front of the grid, and start to compete for poles, podiums and victories.

This is achieved through acquiring the knowledge, skills and techniques required for you to be able to apply fundamentals and problem solve on each track you go to.

Everything You Need To Progress

The intermediates program is a 6-week program, including 6 key milestones across 6 weeks, as outlined in the below image. Each milestone is covered off with a quiz and a 1-on-1 coaching session with me.

Below is an outline of the significant benefits included in this coaching program:

  • Access: Lifetime access to the courses and any course updates as they are provided.

  • Course Quizzes: Opportunity to test your understanding, and identify if there are any gaps for discussion at 1 on 1 coaching sessions.

  • PDF Guides / Cheat Sheets: All of the relevant PDF guides or cheat sheets for your level, which you can print out and bring to the track as reference.

  • 1 on 1 Coaching: Private coaching sessions with me throughout your program to discuss ideas, solve problems, analyse onboards and telemetry, and for me to observe your driving (either sim or on-board) to ensure the milestone is fully covered and understood.

  • Network: Access to the Lowerlaptime Leap private group, where you can meet other drivers for extra support and networking opportunities.

  • Lowerlaptime Leap Certificate (optional): Assessment opportunity at the end of the program to check for gaps in your understanding and claim a lowerlaptime leap certificate, which you can show to sponsors and race teams as proof of accomplishment.

  • Support: A guaranteed 24h response time from me for any technical questions you may have.

Please find below items included in this bundle:

1 x LowerLaptime For Intermediates Course

- 1 x LowerLaptime By Corner Course

- 6 x 1hr Coaching Sessions (I will schedule these in with you following purchase)

1 x Cornering Secrets Cheat Sheet

- 1 x Braking Secrets Cheat Sheet

- 1 x Wet Weather Secrets Guide

To enroll in the LowerLaptime Leap program, you must apply via email to Martin.
Please watch the training on the home page for instructions on how to Apply.