LowerLaptime is an online coaching program for open-wheel formula drivers who want to improve quickly without the travel and grind.

LowerLaptime is about learning how to be a faster and more consistent race driver by acquiring of the right knowledge and skillset.

I specialise in open-wheel / open-formula categories or with significant downforce, such as:

1. Any Formula Class (Formula E, F1 to F4, Formula Vee, Formula Nippon, Formula BMW, Formula Ford, etc)

2. Endurance Racing (for example, LMP2)

3. Indy Car

4. Any other Open Formula Car and/or with significant downforce (for example, Radical Sports Cars)

Why Online Coaching?

The fastest way to become a good driver is to learn online!

Unlike tennis, soccer, and swimming, mastering the skill of driving can be inconvenient in the sense that you can't just go down the road to the local park or centre to practice your skills. It requires so much effort to get to a race track and start lapping, hopefully with no reliability issues.

The good news is that, in the open-wheel category, the technique and habits that you can develop in the sim are applicable to real-world track driving too! I've made these set of courses & my program to help you develop your driving technique for faster lap times from the comfort of your home.

Simulators are not what they used to be. They're getting better and better every year, and becoming more accurate at representing real-world physics.

A lot of current Formula One drivers will often visit their team's in-house simulator to get their eye in before a new circuit, or even to test a new part on the car!

Max Verstappen has spent a lot of time on simulators both in the past and present, and I've witnesses Max use really intelligent techniques in real life that I believe were developed on the simulator. It's interesting to see other drivers from different generations not using these techniques!

My coaching programs are designed for all levels of driver and will take you from zero to hero. If you are already an advanced or professional driver, rest assured that my most-advanced course will give you some new information to think about, and help you reach new heights. I hope that my coaching gives you the tools you need to reach faster lap times!

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Hi, I’m Martin!

I started racing online at age 12. Believe it or not, at that time I used to race with a keyboard!

In the sim world, I have raced and beaten some of the best drivers in Australia across different categories including F1, Formula Nippon, Renault Meganes, Le Mans and F3.

Through years of seeing so many different corner types, it became clear to me how to work out the fastest way through a corner.

I wanted to try my hand at go-karts at this point, though was not allowed until I was 18 years old & finished school.

I never stopped sim racing, and now have my own professional sim-setup, where I can share my 20+ years of racing experience with you.

I went on to work in Formula 3 as a Driver & Performance Engineer, specialising in driver improvement. I learnt how to analyse telemetry, work one-on-one with drivers, and all about open-wheel vehicle dynamics.

I was fortunate enough to meet with Race Strategy Engineers up and down the pitlane in Formula 1, having developed my own race strategy simulation software. I got the chance to discuss race strategy with Valtteri Bottas and Felipe Massa ahead of the 2014 Malaysian Grand Prix.

I went on to compete in the KZ2 shifter-kart class at both state and national level, where I learnt how to sharpen my tools for battle. I qualified on pole position for my first ever state-level race, broke the lap record at another circuit during a long final race, and went from 19th to 2nd in two wet weather races.

Being both an Engineer and a Driver, I can problem solve, communicate effectively, and get straight to the point. Not only will I help you understand what we are trying to achieve, but crucially, 'the why' as well.

To teach, I use everything from pedal-cam, to whiteboards and telemetry. With these tools, I am confident that I can give you some tips you'll love, and I hope my courses help you become a more complete racing driver.

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"I never had a driving coach, so it took me 20 years with only a love for driving, to learn and develop my driving technique.

Now, I want to make that easier for others by giving all that knowledge to someone, through my lowerlaptime leap program."