A Letter Report Tailored To You!

Would you love for me to have a look at one of your onboard laps and give you tips to go even faster? Well that is exactly what we can do here!

I will review for both Sim and Track drivers from the below categories:

1. Any Formula Class (Formula E, F1 to F4, Formula Vee, Formula Nippon, Formula BMW, Formula Ford, etc)

2. Endurance Racing (for example, LMP2)

3. Indy Car

4. Any other Open Formula Car and/or with significant downforce (for example, Radical Sports Cars)

How To Request:

Following purchase, you will be provided with a dialogue box where you can write text and attach files. You can attach a video there (2GB limit) if you wish, or provide a link.

Please use that form to initiate my review, with the following information:

- Your onboard lap (either video attachment, drobox link, YouTube Video, etc)
- Your level (beginner, intermediate, etc) and background of your experience in this category / track
- Anything in particular that you're struggling with, and would like me to focus on.

I will review your onboard and then provide you a summary letter report highlighting the things you're doing well, can improve, and my opinion for each corner. Please allow approx. 7 days turn-around, as a guide. You will be notified via email when I respond in the thread.

If you have any issues, you can always reach out to me via email: [email protected]

I look forward to seeing your laps!

Lets Get Started To Review Your Lap!